Does your skin turn red or blotchy when drinking?

20 Nov

Does your skin turn red or blotchy when drinking?

A flushed or blushed face when drinking alcohol occurs because there is a build up of too much acetaldehyde in your system. Many unfortunate people who experience this symptom experienced many other symptoms associated with consuming alcoholic beverages. As you consume alcohol in your body’s attempt to metabolize it results in the production of acetaldehyde. Half of the Asian population and most non Asian people can properly metabolize the acetaldehyde getting rid of it. The inability to properly BREAK DOWN ACETALDEHYDE will result in these unpleasant symptoms when drinking alcohol, red face being just one of many symptoms.

More serious symptoms beside the red flushed face can include intense congestion and/or difficulty breathing, a racing heart, sweating, dizziness, and a feeling of bloating. Like many sufferers you may also be victim to terrible hang overs the next day as well. The bad new is if you do have these alcohol allergic reactions you are much more likely to get cancer of the throat or stomach. If you’re allergic to alcohol you have one of two choices – help your body to digest acetaldehyde or stop consuming alcohol entirely. Continue reading to find out how to end these nightmarish symptoms and start enjoying alcohol once more.

The first method is a prescription which is not recommended as the side effects can be worse than the symptoms. The Alcohol Allergy Cure is an all natural and healthy method of preventing ALL of the alcohol allergic reactions when drinking alcohol. Appropriately named the no red face formula it stops all of the symptoms including red face, headache, racing heart and nausea. This alcohol allergy cure formula means no expensive doctor visits. Another side effect of alcohol allergy besides the red face and all the other symptoms is a much worse than normal hangover which is greatly reduced by the red face free cure.

note: this alcohol sensitivy cure can increase your tolerance for alcohol so extra caution must be used when drinking in the future. It feels good to know you can now go out and drink with out worrying if your face is going to look like rudolphs red nose.

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